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1. what's is the BDC clearomizer ?

Re: BDC is short for Bottom dual coil , So BDC clearomizer is Bottom dual coil clearomizer .

2. what's the different of BDC clearomizer between normal tank clearomizer ?

Re:First the coil of BDC Clearomizer is setting on the bottom . The juice sits on the top of the wick, and this ensure that the wicks are completetly saturated. there is no need to turn your device upsite down or to the side to wet the wicks.The wicks are replaceable, so you do not have to throw the tank out when it wears out . Second dual coil means this is 2 coil inside which will be strang than single coil , the BDC clearomizer's life will longer than normals .Third, the outlook of BDC clearomizer's coil is very different with single coil , all the wicks is inside which will looks more bautiful .

3. what's type of clearomizer do eoscigarette have BDC design ?

All our clearomizer is BDC design----CE5 BDC , CE5-S BDC , Vivi nova BDC , Vivi nova-S BDC , Vivi nova-S glass version BDC, Mini nova BDC ,Mini nova-S BDC , Mini nova-S glass version BDC , ET BDC( similar kanger's protank,but more cheaper), ET-S BDC , ET-S glass version BDC , T3 BDC ,Maxe BDC, E-pen BDC , Mini E-pen BDC . The most important is the coil of these all types is the same ( except T3).

4.why should I prefer to choose EOScigarette's BDC clearomizer rather than kanger's protank or Ismoka's mage BCC ?

First EOScigarette must admit Kanger's protank and Ismoka's BCC is very hot and familar to all the smokers expecially the kanger's Protank 2 .But it's the time to roused e-cigarette market to BDC clearomizer era . EOScigarette sure if you choose our ,we will help you get the share of coming Christmas season .

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